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Go hiking and biking in Boulder, Colorado.
Hit the trails for great biking and hiking

The Boulder area is a great place for hiking and trail running. With hundreds of miles of trails and 36,000 acres of open, natural space, it’s a haven for hikers, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. The area around Boulder offers a range of trails. One day you can stroll through prairie grasslands in east Boulder, climb rising foothills and canyons to the west, and explore alpine areas in the high mountains.

Many trails are well-marked, but a map is always a good idea. If you’re not sure where to go or are looking for advice, the Boulder Trail Runners group has published a number of exhilarating routes for trail running at varying levels of difficulty. The City of Boulder created an Open Space and Mountain Parks map which many hikers and runners find useful. You can also stop into any of the many outfitters in the area to purchase maps and ask questions.

Chautauqua Park is one of Boulder’s most popular destinations for hiking and running. It offers trails for all ability levels and some areas are dog-friendly. Chautauqua Park is adjacent to Boulder Mountain Park, which is a 7400-acre State Park and home to several rare species of plants and animals.

Trail conditions might be a little different from other areas in that trails often gain quite a bit in elevation. Also, because Boulder is located in the Rocky Mountains, strong winds can come up and conditions can change quickly, so be sure to be prepared with extra layers, water, etc.

If you like jogging in urban areas, the pedestrian-friendly community of Boulder makes it easy with expansive walkways, crosswalks, the pedestrian-only Pearl Street Mall area, and a number of city parks with paved paths.

Whether you’re in the mood for an easy hike, a jog through the city, or a longer trail run you’ll find hundreds of trail options in Boulder.

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