Boulder Local Businesses

Support the local businesses of Boulder, Colorado.
Boulder is home to many unique, locally owned businesses

Boulder is very popular with outdoor enthusiasts as it is surrounded by more than 30,000 acres of recreational open space. The area offers world-class hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing and is supportive of the outdoor sports industry. Boulder also is home to more than 23 colleges and professional schools, more than 1300 restaurants, 26 libraries, 67 public golf courses, seven museums and six movie theatres.

The city of Boulder is a progressive community that cares about the environment and strives for sustainability. It offers an incredibly diverse range of things to do, from shopping to hiking to theatre, art and music, and is home to many green businesses.

There are more than 8000 business in the Boulder area, offering everything from books to outdoor equipment to specialty foods, art supplies, and environmental services to tanning. You’ll find just about anything you can think of, and then probably more, in the eclectic city of Boulder.

If you are thinking about starting a business, Boulder is considered one of the hottest places in the country to launch a company. From 2006 to 2009, startups in the city received 42% of the venture capital invested in Colorado, and 8,900 businesses of fewer than 20 employees call Boulder County home. Four main industries are thriving in the Boulder area: software, biotechnology, natural foods and outdoor products. Clean technology is another industry that seems to be gaining ground.

There are also hundreds of nonprofit organizations offering cultural events and providing social services to people in need in the Boulder area.

Boulder’s diverse population and reputation as Colorado’s most liberal city means its businesses offer up a tremendous variety of goods and services. Before you go online and order what you need from a big box retailer, try shopping locally. You will avoid shipping charges and return fees, and you’ll be showing your support for Boulder’s many small business owners and creative entrepreneurs.


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