Boulder Local Vibe

The influx of students to CU keeps Boulder, Colorado young and progressive.
Soak in the local vibe of Boulder

The city of Boulder is a progressive community that cares about the environment and strives for sustainability. Residents care very much about making sure the Boulder of the future maintains all that they hold dear today. Upon visiting the websites of just about any local business, you’ll find a section explaining how they strive to be green, and this commitment to the environment permeates much of the vibe in the Boulder area.

Boulder is also part of a fairly conservative state, and has a history with big energy companies and of embracing prohibition long before the rest of the country. As such, Boulder is a hotbed of political activity.

Boulder is one of the most liberal and Democratic cities in Colorado, politically speaking. Boulder’s population is registered as 37% Democratic, 27% Republican, and 36% independent. The city of Boulder is often referred to as the "People's Republic of Boulder," and "25 square miles surrounded by reality."

Colorado's first ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation was passed in 1974 by the Boulder City Council and was later reversed. In 1975, Boulder County Clerk Clela Rorex was the second in the United States to ever grant same-sex marriage licenses, prior to state laws being passed to prevent it. And in 1987, Boulder voters reversed the 1974 vote, and the city became the first in the United States to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation by a direct vote of the people.

Boulder became the first city in Colorado to enact a smoking ban that included bars when it did so in 1996. There are politically active conservative and libertarian groups that coexist with the more liberal population. For example, The Promise Keepers, an evangelical organization for men, was conceived of in Boulder in 1990.

The community of Boulder is diverse in its politics and welcomes people from all walks of life. The city cares a great deal about maintaining a certain quality of life for its residents, making for an interesting place to live, go to school and visit.


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