Boulder Medicine

Boulder, Colorado is home to plenty of medical options to help you stay healthy
A community with a wealth of medical options

The city of Boulder is a community with a variety of natural healthcare options, from acupuncture and Chinese medicine to medical marijuana to homeopathy – and even natural veterinary care for your furry friends. Boulder is home to a number of schools for natural healing and thus offers numerous practitioners and naturopathic doctors to choose from.

Schools offering training in various forms of natural medicine in the area include the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Ruseto College for acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Southwest Acupuncture College, Homeopathy School of Colorado, and the School of Natural Medicine.

You’ll also find practitioners who offer reflexology, treatments with essential oils and flower essence, various types of massage, and chiropractic treatment. Boulder is home to many different spas offering massage, reflexology, and skin and hair treatments.

There are approximately 50 different medical marijuana dispensaries registered in the Boulder area. Medical marijuana is typically used to treat conditions, or side effects that arise from conditions such as chronic pain, seizures, nausea, cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, muscle spasms, and cachexia. Anyone seeking medical marijuana must see a doctor to get the paperwork required, and there are a number of clinics that work with doctors specializing in medical marijuana. The State then sends a card to the patient when they are accepted onto the registry.

Medical marijuana is made available to patients 35 days after they send in their correct to the State and are approved. Patients are required to keep their paperwork and/or card with them whenever they have medical marijuana with them.

Boulder is a great place to live or visit if you’re interested in seeking natural healthcare for yourself or loved ones, or if you’re interested in studying one of the many forms of natural healthcare to become a practitioner.


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