Bobby Williams and Mariel Hemingway 

Mariel and Bobby discuss health, wellness and "RELATIONSHIP" from a male and female perspective.


Part of good health is having a healthy relationship. Bobby and I are best friends. It is not a fairy tale relationship… we argue (if any of you saw my documentary Running From Crazy you know that's the truth) but we also totally accept that the other person has their own voice and must be heard.

One of the most important things you can do for any relationship is take care of YOU first. We both get up early and take off in different directions. Bobby goes to the top of the mountains with our dogs for the sunrise and his morning rituals. I stay home, do breathing exercises, meditate and then take care of the other many animals roaming the ranch. That time to be quiet and take care of us is crucial to our sense of well-being. When Bobby and I meet up again mid morning we have a feeling of being fulfilled, and being together with focused attention is easy.

When I met Bobby I was ready for a balanced relationship. I spent years of belittling myself, dealing with codependence, fear and low self-esteem. It was time to shift and take care of me and meet Bobby as a strong independent woman. Bobby sees me for who I am and I see him for who he is and, here’s the biggest thing, I have no desire (nor should I) to change him to meet my needs. When you begin to feel good as YOU, you needn’t try to make others fit into your life, they simply meet you there.

Bobby Williams and Mariel Hemingway for Healthy Living and Relationships


Relationships:  Big subject. Life itself is the culmination of how we relate to everything we come in contact with. From the air we breathe to the music that moves us, everything is a relationship. In the end the outcomes of all of our relationships is up to us. Mariel and I believe we get to choose how we live our lives.

Here is a great question to ask yourself that we can all use to check in.

It applies to just about anything.

"Who am I being right now?"   "Am I the being the best version of myself so I can in return be that way to those people or things I share a relationship with?” Someone once said, 'the purpose of art is to inspire' and I believe that all relationships are a form of art.  I want to inspire and feel inspired in every relationship I have. 

I love inspiring films. BRAVEHEART comes to mind for relationships. I have seen it more than 30 times. It is an immense film pertaining to love, integrity, courage, freedom, loyalty and friendship.  The story is great and the cinematography is amazing. How much you are willing to go through for love of another person and for the freedom you want? William Wallace was willing to die for what he believed in, Love and Freedom for everyone no matter what!

Happiness in life requires struggle. It’s actually the positive side effect of handling the negative. It’s the negative experience that we all by definition struggle with. Therefore, what we get out of life is not just determined by the happiness and the good we desire but by the challenging and the bad we're willing and able to sustain to get to those things that we love. I love Mariel! I love my life! And my belief is we must be willing.

Bobby Williams and Mariel Hemingway for Healthy Living and Relationships

Be Willing:

Willing to go through the tough conversations, hurt feelings and awkward silences to get to the happiness and the good in life that we love and want to share.

Falling in love and the amazing beginning is perfect! Anyone would take that ride. Yet everything passes. However, I believe there is a vision of something more.  We can defy this passing by continually working on extending it forever. In the end I believe it’s worth it.

Relationship tips:

1.   Learn to listen… biggest and best tool for a healthy relationship.

2.   Take care of you… Take time to be quiet.

3.   Find time to be apart… space makes relationships healthier.

4.   Exercise and play.

5.   Love each other unconditionally by accepting another for who he or she is.