Get WAY Better at Intimacy--Starting with Yourself

Some approaches help you get better at intimacy. This day of incredibly useful tools, including stuff you won't find elsewhere, helps you get WAY better!

Join us to learn almost everything from the Nine-month Immersion in A SINGLE DAY!

For example

• Do you know which one of the five personality patterns (Connecter, Antenna, Warrior, Mountain, or Orderer) you run? Find out how these patterns influence our feelings and behavior, and how to work with them, so you can be closer to others without sucking their energy, running them over, disappearing or putting up walls.
• Did you know that bringing mindfulness to ONE tiny word in the English language can bring us 67% more self-connection? Find out what it is, and how to use it to create deeper connection with yourself and others.
• The power of touch: Did you know you can heal both minor distresses and longstanding wounds, as well as deeped your intimacy with others through physical contact? But only when you're aware of this crucial thing. Watch and experience how.
• Making space for emotions: Do you know how to be with ALL of your feelings? Can you tell a feeling from a story? (Hint: If you “feel that” you’re in story.) Do you know how to get underneath a story to river of feelings that wants to flow? When you can make these distinctions you bring a clarity to your relationships that allows deeper connection the better at it you get

…and more!


"I have my MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder CO since 2005. I have been in private practice for over a decade and worked in various capacities with multiple certifications in massage, qigong healing, stress management, comfort touch, Spiral Dynamics, Esalen massage and more. Working with Jill over the past couple of years has given me more than anything I've gained from any of those certifications."

- Velina Lujan,

Cost: $80-$220. A limited number of lower-priced tickets available.

The workshop is valued at $160. Please consider what you can afford to pay, and keep in mind the circumstances of others, and how your choices may affect them. The higher-priced tickets support those who can afford less.