LEVEL 1: Launch YOUR home chant practice! 4-Day Intensive in CO

If you want to play harmonium and lead Kirtan in yoga classes or in your community... or desire to do so, this INTRODUCTORY Kirtan Leader intensive is for you! 

This four day INTRODUCTORY intensive offers big fun, amazing community and practical learning around "How to" launch your own home CHANT practice, and perhap event share Kirtan with others!

Come join us if you are a Kirtan Leader ready to take a safe and fun step into leading Kirtan. You may already have a home Kirtan practice, or share Kirtan in yoga classes or on retreats. Or, perharps you long to do so. Either way, the curriculium of this training will get you up and running in no time!

Within a safe space, this fun program quickly gets beginning Kirtan Leaders up and running with their home chant practice and prepares them to share Kirtan with others. Using a time-tested and well proven methodology, the elements of this four day introductory program (training sessions, work with a professional drummer, Mike's Kirtan event and a culminating Kirtan Leader potluck and jam session) create the perfect structure for beginning chant leaders to step into a HOME chant practice, and perpare to share Kirtan with others. 

You will learn to sing and play (on the harmonium) six chants from your favorite Kirtan artists, connect with amazing community, have big fun and step into this exquisite heart-opening practice in a new and deeper way!

* Play chords with ease and make the most of the harmonium
* Strengthen your singing
* Expand your repertoire with six chants from your favorite chant artists
* Build comfort in speaking publicly about chants, telling stories, and sharing the power of Kirtan as a sacred practice

* Thursday, November 2 from 6-9pm (training session)
* Friday, November 3 from 9am-5pm (training session)
* Saturday, November 4 - Kirtan event at 7:30pm
* Sunday, November 5 from 6-9pm - potluck and Kirtan Leader Jam Session. Those deemed ready will have the opportunity to lead the group in a chant with a professional drummer and response singer. 

Nyland Co-housing, 3525 Nyland Way Lafayette, CO 80026. http://www.nylandcohousing.org/

You will need to beg, borrow, steal, purchase or rent a harmonium for this program. Don't have access to a good harmonium? Don't worry. We can help you purchase a great one, point you towards harmoniums in Boulder you can rent and might even have a few extra on hand.

Just as in Dancing with the Stars, or Fantasy Baseball Camp, this Kirtan Leader Intensive will offer you the opportunity to work with professional musicians who are accustomed to performing at large, successful Kirtan events. 

Working with professionals will quickly increase your level of development, as there are no external obstacles to developing your Kirtan skills. You will experience the added value of accessing real time coaching guidance within a safe and supportive container so you stay focused on your learning edge. 

Program participants will be supported by Mike Cohen and outstanding percussionist/educator Issa Malluf in building the skills and gaining the confidence to step into sacred chant in a whole new way!

All participants will receive downloads of Mike's three albums, a 30 page handout on Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga and detailed chant sheets for the songs we work with. 

"I loved learning to play the harmonium and I am so excited to have one now!! I've been playing everyday and I am hooked. It's amazing how great I feel everytime I chant, it's like the express way to bliss. I'm feeling so much gratitude for this practice and want to go deeper. I really feel like this is what I need to be doing. It feels so clear to me."
-- Heather Harris, dance/yoga instructor and choreographer

""I'm feeling grateful for amazing experiences at Mike Cohen's Kirtan leadership intensive in Boulder, CO.This is an awesome systematic training that gets you leading Kirtan quickly! I have attended three Kirtan training programs and this one, by far, generated the most beautiful connections and deepest learning. There was so much wonderful energy created with such beautiful souls - I can't recommend this program enough!"
-- John Warriner, Kirtan Leader 

"There are so many dimensions to leading this practice, yet Mike skillfully guided each participant through the process so that it never seemed overwhelming.”
-- Tim Jordan, RN BSN, yoga teacher, Kirtan leader

* 11 hours of class time.
* Lunch on Friday afternoon. 
* Free admission to Saturday night Kirtan event.
* Participation in Sunday evening Kirtan Leader jam session and potluck.

This 16 hour program is limited to 25 participants - act now to reserve your spot!!

* Early bird tickets $295 through October 15.
* General admission tickets $345 starting October 16.
* Level 2 program is $345 by October 15 and $395 starting October 16.
* Take Level 1 + Level 2 for only $595 through October 15. $695 starting October 16. 

Those traveling to Boulder from out of state are suggeted to consider taking BOTH programs!
Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/level-1-launch-your-home-chant-practice-4-day-intensive-in-co-tickets-36867330177

Or, send check to:
Mike Cohen
3551 Nyland Way
Lafayette, CO 80026

REFUND POLICY: all tuition payments are non-refundable and can be applied to future group programs and/or private sessions.

FAQ located at http://mikecohenkirtan.com/faq-for-level-1-and-level-2-kirtan-leader-intensives/

Got questions? Email Mike at [email protected]

Mike Cohen, MA is founder of Kirtan Leader Institute. Since 2010 he has trained and apprenticed hundreds of aspiring and emerging Kirtan Leaders across the globe from total beginners to several he has guided to create/release Kirtan albums, play at festivals and tour nationally. A life-long musician with 15 years experience developing leaders, Mike created a proven methodology for training and apprenticing Kirtan Leaders based around four relevant domains for leading Kirtan: Musicianship, Embodied Leadership, Community Building and Spirituality. Work within these 4 domains helps Kirtan Leaders build skill and confidence in serving others through the ancient/modern practice of sacred chant. Mike has released two critically acclaimed albums, and in 2016 will release new music created with legendary producer Ben Leinbach (Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, Deva Premal). For over a decade, Mike has toured North America, offering accessible and potent Kirtan events in yoga studios, healing centers and at yoga/chant festivals. Mike lives in Boulder, CO where he leads Kirtan, trains Kirtan Leaders and offers coaching, training. leadership development and mediation services. More at www.MikeCohenKirtan.com.

Palestinian-American percussionist, Issa Malluf, is a native to New Mexico. Originally self-taught, Issa has become a highly skilled and internationally recognized specialist in Middle Eastern, Arabic, and North African percussion. He has performed nationally and internationally at venues as noteworthy as the Kennedy Center and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Issa has recorded with artists including Grammy winning oud virtuoso Rahim Al-Haj, guitarist Peter Buck of R.E.M., and Eastern European, Balkan, and Turkish influenced 'A Hawk and a Hacksaw' among many more. He is frequently sought after due to the clarity, precision and complexity/simplicity of his drum work and rhythms. Issa is a natural teacher and has instructed and inspired all levels of drummers. He teaches workshops locally and has taught as a guest instructor at Yale and the Chicago School of Music. Though his primary genre is Arabic/Middle Eastern percussion, Issa is knowledgeable in an array of percussion styles from around the world and is ever expanding in to new territory and understandings through both study