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How are you leading in your professional life today?

  • On auto pilot?
  • Pushing hard but not sure where you’re headed?
  • As though you are on a set of rails and can’t get off?
  • Following someone else’s vision for your future?

Are you ready to re-engage in directing the vision for your professional life?

The LEADing at Work and LEADing Your Life Workshop Series will help you develop a plan to lead in your professional life while leading the personal life that you desire.

This workshop is for you if…

  • You want to take a strategic approach to the next step in your career.
  • You want to experience a stronger connection between your professional life and your personal mission and values.
  • You want to achieve your professional goals more effectively.
  • You want to feel more engaged in your professional life.
  • You want more from your current situation and need help articulating what it is.

The three-part workshop series offers a process and a set of tools that will help you get there. It will also connect you to others who are seeking more effective ways to lead in their work and personal lives. Plus, we’ll have some fun!

The key questions addressed in each workshop are outlined below. Check out one workshop or come to all three for the most comprehensive set of benefits.

Workshop #1 – Lead with Purpose, Live with Purpose

Key Questions

  1. What are your priorities for your relationship with your work and employer?
  2. How well does your current (or most recent) professional situation align with your priorities for fit?

Tools and Techniques:

  • The LEADing Foundation
  • The LEADing Difference

Workshop #2 – Enhance Your Communication Skills

Key Questions

  1. How can you modify your language to have greater impact?
  2. How can a better understanding of others’ communication styles enable you to improve your effectiveness?

Tools and Techniques:

  • The Language of Inclusion
  • Access Codes

Workshop #3: Articulate a Plan

Key Questions

  1. How do I get from my current situation to where I want to be?
  2. How can I leverage the power of connection to improve my job fit in the future?

Tools and Techniques:

  • The Bridge to LEADing Framework
  • The LEADing Action Plan Template

Step 4 (After the Workshops): Do it!

Use the knowledge you’ve gained and leverage the tools we provide to take steps toward your goals.

Learn more about our presenters and reach out with questions: Jane Pater Salmon, CEO and Founder of Homecourt Partners ([email protected]), and Visda Carson, Founder of Peak to Peak Advising ([email protected]).

  • When: Tue Jan. 23
    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

  • Address: 1023 Walnut Street
    Boulder CO,US 80302

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