Event Details

The Network Family Wellness Center has prepared a delicious surprise for you!

What goes best with relaxation and a healthy body? Wine and cheese, of course!

Add to that: beautiful people!

Meet us on Thursday, February 8th in Boulder Colorado, from 7:000 PM at our Wine, Cheese, and Art Social Event!

For this special event, we invited some powerful and valuable voices in the art of wine and cheese. The wine delicacies will be offered by our partners from Bookcliff Vineyards. The founding fathers of the Bookcliff Vineyards have poured love and passion in their Bacchus liquor which brought them gold and double medals for a champion Colorado wine. They will guide you in understanding the science behind wine-making and the art in wine-tasting.

The number one partner in wine-tasting is the cheese. The local cheese producer, the Haystack Mountain will bless our tastes with goat-milk based cheese, a healthy and nutritive food. Their cheese business is based on care for the environment and respect for the animals that provide us with the food. They are also involved in training courses and employment partnerships to help the local community.

Lastly, one of our practice members is a very accomplished artist and he will be there with his art on display for your enjoyment and discussion.

With such valuable and successful partners, we can already say that the Network Family Wellness Center has prepared a fun and amazing Wine & Cheese Social Event!

When you want to make sure you are spending your evening in the most entertaining and comfortable way, you join our Wine & Cheese Social Event!

You will meet us on Thursday, February 8th, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at 1715 15th St., Boulder Colorado, 80302 (this is the complete address but if you have any question you can reach for us on our official website)

You can bring your friends and family, we welcome guests with open arms and honest hearts!

However, don’t forget to be quick as we have limited seats!

This is a great opportunity to taste world-class wines and premium goat cheese. Plus, you will get to meet amazing people, make new friends and create fun memories.

We will spend the evening discussing healthy ways for the body and the mind. Tasting delicious cheese and drinking tasty wine and socializing with friends.

The Wine, Cheese, and Art Social Event is taking place on Thursday, February 8th, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM!

Don’t forget to announce your presence by Tuesday, February 8th because we have limited seats.

At the Network Family Wellness Center we organize events that focus on social bonding and learning new, useful things. Our specialization is offering chiropractic services, thus unchaining the body and teaching it to function in a healthy way. At core, our services are all about people, connecting and developing beautiful relationships.

Through the events, we organize we plan to take care of those relationships and build new ones!

So let’s start together at our 2nd Annual Wine & Cheese Social Event!