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The Hirshberg Entrepreneurship Institute (formerly the ‘Social Venture Institute’ and the ‘Stonyfield Entrepreneurship Institute’) is a high impact 2-day boot camp conceived by Gary Hirshberg in 1998 based on his experience leading Stonyfield Farm from its start as a 7-cow operation in 1983 to its current nearly $400MM annual sales level. 16 Institutes have served hundreds of entrepreneurs across numerous business sectors in CA, NY, NH, MA, Toronto, Vancouver and Auckland, NZ. This will be the first time the Institute has come to Boulder, CO.

By offering a highly interactive, intimate venue for networking, storytelling, and problem solving, the Institute offers a safe, stimulating environment for hundreds of for-profit and not-for-profit entrepreneurs to learn about financing, marketing, organizational challenges, finding personal balance, managing change, and the many other areas that are fundamental to growing an enterprise. The "case" method approach ensures a practical and grounded “real world” experience. Participants take home a wealth of pragmatic and useful ideas and strategies that can be immediately put to work in a growing enterprise.

98% of participants have rated the Institute as either excellent or very good in terms of:

  • Applicability of sessions to their work
  • Overall knowledge and experience of panelists
  • Fulfillment of learning expectations
  • Introduction of innovative business strategies
  • Interaction and learning from participants
  • Access to new contacts and networks

Hirshberg Entrepreneurship Institute Cases
And How to Submit One

The Institute is built around cases submitted by attendees. Cases are real problems or challenges that you would like our panelists to address. Panelists will ask you clarifying questions and then provide feedback, and as time allows, audience members are invited to contribute as well.

The Four Case Topics are:

  • Financing Your Business
  • Positioning Your Brand Story
  • eCommerce
  • Overcoming Organizational Challenges

If you're interested in learning more or if you are unsure of where a Case fits, just submit it and we will figure that out for you!

NOTE: Program is preliminary, subject to the quantity and quality of attendee’s pre-submitted cases. All cases must be submitted by May 18 and final program will be posted by Friday, June 1st.

  • Alex Bogusky

    Alex Bogusky

    Crispin Porter Bogusky

    Former Creative Director

  • Bob Burke

    Bob Burke

    Natural Products Consulting


  • Don Clark

    Don Clark

    Whole Foods Market

    Global Vice President | Merchandising, Non-Perishables

  • Leslie Freeman

    Leslie Freeman


    Fearless Unlimited

  • Nick Giannuzzi

    Nick Giannuzzi

    Partner and Founder

    The Giannuzzi Group, LLP.

  • Susan Graf

    Susan Graf

    New Resource Bank

    SVP, Regional Development Manager

  • Gary Hirshberg

    Gary Hirshberg

    Stonyfield Farm

    Chairman and Co-Founder

  • Meg Hirshberg

    Meg Hirshberg

    The Anticancer Lifestyle Foundation


  • Amy Lacey

    Amy Lacey

    Owner and Founder

    Cali'flour Foods

  • Betsy McGinn

    Betsy McGinn


    McGinn eCommConsulting

  • Walter Robb

    Walter Robb

    Former Co-CEO

    Whole Foods Market

  • Dagny Scott

    Dagny Scott


    Fearless Unlimited

  • Tom Spier

    Tom Spier

    Founder and Managing Partner

    Boulder Food Group

  • Sylvia Tawse

    Sylvia Tawse

    Fresh Ideas Group (FIG), Pastures of Plenty Farm

    Chief Fresh Officer and Co-owner

  • Robbie Vitrano

    Robbie Vitrano

    Good Spread


  • Andy Whitman

    Andy Whitman

    Managing Partner

    2x Consumer Products Growth Partners

  • When: Fri Jun. 1 - 12:30 pm
    Wed Jun. 13 9:30 pm

  • Address: 6007 Oreg Avenue
    Boulder CO,US 80303

  • Web: Visit Website