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  • “To date, our project received the best reviews for impact and sustainability in the whole of Africa, thanks to Alexia’s diligent mentorship.”

    - Rehmah Kasule, Goldman Sachs/Fortune Global Women Leaders Award Winner 2014; Founder - CEDA-Uganda.org

  • Strengthen your relationship with all the people you love and work with.

  • Learn how to FULLY express your full potential.

  • Self-Paced; Online, our 10 "brain training" exercises include a personal trainer

    Personalize Mentoring, custom-fit to your specific needs.

    LIVE YOUR VALUES. Strengthen your 10 powerful traits

  • Apply the 10TRAITS in the workplace to accelerate innovation, productivity and profits

    Our powerful 10TRAITS program can help you move forward faster on your career path. Is this important to you?

    10TRAITS training program gives you an edge on understanding how to apply Collaborative Traits. Will this benefit you?

    Our 10TRAITS program provides insights on how to use the 10 Traits in the workplace, in the classroom, at home and in relationships.


“To date, our project received the best reviews for impact and sustainability in the whole of Africa, thanks to Alexia’s diligent mentorship.”

- Rehmah Kasule, Goldman Sachs/Fortune Global Women Leaders Award Winner 2014; Founder - CEDA-Uganda.org

The response from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m told that some women were even in tears at the end; some asked ‘When is the next event?’”

- Anne Zonne Parker, Professor, Environmental Studies, Naropa University.

I consider Alexia Parks a brilliant thought leader.

- Remy Arteaga, Executive Director, Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative

"Terrific! Very Powerful.

  • Bud Sorenson, former President of Babson College, and Acting Dean of the CU- Boulder School of Business

Provocative! 5-STARS”In today’s world…, women are superior in social bonding, fostering diversity, expressing emotions and having empathy for the plights of others.

- Laurence Kirshbaum, former Vice-President and head of the NY Publishing Office of Amazon.com

Wow! THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST TALKS that I have ever attended ( I have been to 100's if not 1000's). Not only was the content excellent, but you are a superb presenter. I loved the way that you interacted with and involved the audience.”

- Malcolm Fraser M.D.

Alexia Parks is leading new thinking in the area of social change and the role of women in our modern world.”

-Margaret Manning, Founder of Boomerly, and the SixtyandMe online.

Alexia is a visionary pioneer.

- Rajeev Rawat, Co-Founder and CEO BI Results LLC

“This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the 10 TRAITS Science-Based Leadership Training by Alexia Parks. It was a wonderful training and one of the pieces is the keynote by Alexia on ‘Darwin’s Remarkable Women.’ It’s a fascinating talk on the particular traits of the female brain and how those traits have evolved over time and are now essential leadership skills for moving work forward in today’s world.”

- Andréa Giron, Manager of Audience Insights, Denver Museum of Nature & Science

I so appreciate the work you do and pray that it pays off for all of us sooner rather than later.

- Claudine Schneider, former Congresswoman from Rhode Island, Co-Founded the Competitiveness Caucus in the U.S. Congress. Gave a briefing to Margaret Thatcher. Co-hosted the CNN coverage of the Senate Chief Justice Confirmation hearings on Clarence Thomas. Participated with Prince Charles in a BBC film on Climate Change.


I am on the steering committee for our Women in Leadership group at a leading Life Science and High Technology company and I appreciate your work.

Lori Cordova-Oistad

Alexia presents an interesting argument for female leadership, referencing biological evolution, cultural anthropology, and more.

- Sheryl Winarick, Immigration Attorney whose clients include TED (and TEDsters across the globe), Oxfam… individuals and “families who risk leaving everything familiar behind with Hope and Faith in a bright future.”

“Thank you Alexia for holding the space for all of us to come into our power in a much higher way together.

- Maestra Antonia Joy Wilson, Artistic Director, CEO & Conductor of Global Arts Center: Multimedia Symphony.

I am excited for your work and look forward to supporting it as we all move forward.” - Seleyn DeYarus, Executive Director at FearLess Revolution

Thanks Alexia — These are the conversations we need to be having! Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything [we] can do to support your efforts!

- Michelle Meyer, Founder, GirlAuthentic


Sometimes you meet a individual that sparkles. Alexia is just one such person, shining her light and wisdom wherever she goes! Her wisdom and brilliance is contagious. Encountering Alexia, and having the great honor of spending time with her, is a life-changing event.”

- Therese Hartmann, President, World Family Foundation, Vice President, Ojai Education Foundation (OEF).


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    Thu Jul. 12 6:00 pm

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