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Are you a conscious changemaker and leader with a drive to create more impact and positive change on this planet?

Do you want to be involved in creating a new pathway of business that involves connection, following your heart and operating as your true authentic self?

About this course

In this course you’ll gain the foundational tools, concepts and frameworks to take a more heart-driven approach to life, business and leadership, while leading positive change.

This experiential open-source course is an opportunity for conscious changemakers and leaders to reshape and evolve current business and leadership models by introducing heart-connection, intuition and authenticity.

Each module workshop involves the presentation of heart-driven ideas, concepts and applications then opens up to experiential group work where you will evolve and apply conscious concepts directly to your business and life.

Divided into two parts – Heart-driven Business Foundation and Heart-Driven Leadership Foundation – this course can be taken in its entirety, as one part or individual drop-in modules.

The Heart-Driven Business Foundation modules are built to guide you towards the pathway of least resistance, so you can create more aligned success, a purpose-driven brand story, and boost your productivity and performance. In these experiential workshops you’ll get to apply heart-driven concepts directly into your business and expand upon all material both individually and as a group.

The Heart-Driven Leadership Foundation modules empower you to create more purpose, alignment and impact in your life and to the world around you. You’ll also gain access and courage to create your own road to success and fully embody your power, energy and gifts.

What you'll learn

  • Uncover the pathway of least resistance to business success
  • Create alignment between your purpose, brand and storytelling
  • Discover how to use marketing and business for good so it creates a bigger impact
  • Make aligned business decisions through intuition
  • Uncover how to pave your own pathway to success
  • Align your passions and purpose to your business/career/role
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm through self-care and healthy lifestyle practices
  • Operate at a higher productivity and performance rate through lifestyle hacks

About you

  • You're a socially conscious entrepreneur, professional, consultant, coach, or changemaker dedicated to creating positive impact through business.
  • You're ready to fully exist as a leader aligned to your purpose, passions and talents.
  • You feel it's time to embody more empowerment, intuition and heart-connection to express yourself more authentically

Our current reality

The current state of business is built around a disconnected model of fear, scarcity, profit-first and self-gain. This model prevents changemakers and conscious leaders to achieve higher levels of success, impact and growth.

The heart-driven approach to business (and life) is centered around love, abundance, growth and connection. Operating from this more evolved model not only paves a clearer pathway to success, it also changes what is possible today.

Course Modules

  • Uncovering the 4 premises of Heart-Driven Business
  • Awaken your deeper purpose and brand story
  • Create your own definition of business success
  • Choose your unique business tools/strategies
  • Embody the heart-driven approach to life
  • Design a lifestyle of health, happiness and impact
  • Activate increased productivity and optimal performance
  • Lead your own way to success


Monday June 11
The 4 premises of Heart-Driven Business uncovered

  • Explore the current state of business and what needs to change
  • Deep dive into the 4 premises of heart-driven business and how to apply them
  • Monitor your energy through the connection vs disconnection model
  • Recreate from the heart your ideal business, company, clients.
  • Experiential exercises using questions to feel differences.

Monday June 18
Awaken your deeper purpose and brand story

  • Create a clearly defined purpose based on your passions, talents and gifts
  • Link your life purpose to your business/career
  • Deep dive into the 3 energies of your business and how they relate to your business story, brand and marketing.
  • Uncover your story by aligning purpose and customer needs
  • Feel into the energy of your business and brand
  • Heart meditation exercises to uncover and stay connected to purpose.

Monday June 25
Create your own definition of business success

  • Create your own definition of success based on purpose, passions and talents
  • Prioritize tasks through inspiration not rigid schedules
  • Set up your work schedule in a way that works for you
  • Stand as a unique leader in your own success

Monday July 2
Choose your unique business growth tools and strategies

  • Redefine standard business principles
  • Trust the process, don’t panic
  • Apply intuition to make aligned business decisions
  • Where you are now is exactly where you are meant to be


Wednesday July 25
Embody the heart-driven approach to life

  • Understand the heart and mind connection
  • Explore the benefits of adding more heart into your life/business
  • Learn experiential and connected exercises to stay in your heart
  • Create a life of least resistance

Wednesday August 1
Design a lifestyle of health, happiness and impact

  • Learn how to create win/win situations in all areas of your life
  • Discover simple self-care practices to stay connected to your heart/intuition
  • Draw boundaries that benefit of everyone
  • Set yourself up to be able to receive

Wednesday August 8
Activate increased productivity and optimal performance

  • Study the synergy the Heart, Brain, Mind, Energy, and Body connection
  • Explore new scientific evidence on power and performance
  • Learn lifestyle tools that set you up for greater life and business success
  • Discover how to operate at your optimum capacity
  • Tap into your natural creative flow
  • Create your own healthy work environment

Wednesday August 15

Lead your own way to success

  • Tap into your infinite potential
  • Embody all your gifts
  • Activate your energy for success
  • Stand strong as a leader

Course Information

Heart-Driven Business Foundation

Mon June 11
Uncovering the 4 premises of Heart-Driven Business

Mon June 18
Awaken your deeper purpose and brand story

Mon June 25
Create your own definition of business success

Mon July 2
Find your unique business tools/strategies

Heart-Driven Leadership Foundation

Wed July 25
Embody the heart-driven approach to life

Wed Aug 1
Design a lifestyle of health, happiness and impact

Wed Aug 8
Activate increased productivity and optimal performance

Wed Aug 15
Lead your own way to success


2.5 hour workshops
Between 6:30 – 9:00pm


Impact Hub Boulder
1877 Broadway, #100
Boulder, CO 80302


Pilot program reduced rate:

Entire Two-Part Course Investment: $400 Beta Group Price

Bonus: Life-Purpose Leadership Path Reading ($250 Value)
Register by Sunday June 10, 2018

One Part Course Investment: $200 Beta Group Price

Bonus: Heart-Driven Intuitive Reading ($145 Value)
Register by Sunday June 10, 2018 and/or Tuesday July 24, 2018

Drop-in Module Investment: $55


8 week course:

  • Life-Purpose Leadership Path Reading (valued at $250)

4 week course:

  • Heart-driven intuitive reading (valued at $145)

About Facilitator

Kelly Weiss is a heart-driven business leader, creative storyteller, and founder of Heart-Driven Business & Lifestyle School®.

Guided to lead changemakers to align to their purpose and embody their essential nature, Kelly offers heart-driven tools and principles that transform life, business and technology to be used as a force for purpose, connection, and increased awareness.

Her insights and tools are delivered through heart-driven business and lifestyle workshops, trainings, consulting, and coaching.

Learn more about Kelly at http://www.kellyanneweiss.com/

Heart-driven praise

“Working with Kelly has been incredible! I find her approach to our work truly inspired, collaborative and holistic, in terms of how she creates a space for me to bring through deep clarity, insight and brilliant articulation of the message and heart of what I’m out to share. Anyone looking for a more heart and soul-based approach to an inspired business partner will absolutely love working with Kelly, she is truly gifted.”

Steve Havill - Chapter President of Conscious Capitalism Bay Area
Founder of Conscia Ventures

“I found Kelly’s heart-driven approach to be an excellent means of freeing my business from the constraints of my assumptions and personality. She really allowed the business to express itself in a clear and meaningful way which has made it easier to know how best to serve the business as it grows and how best to serve my customers.”

Erez Ascher
Philosopher, author, speaker and founder of the Soterian Movement

Refund Policy

You will receive a 50% refund if you cancel up to 21 days prior to the start of the course. As of 20 days prior to the start of the course, your registration will be non-refundable. You may transfer your registration to another attendee upon request.

More Information & Questions

For more information on the 'Heart-Driven Business & Leadership Foundational Course' please visit http://www.kellyanneweiss.com/foundational-course/

For questions please email Kelly at [email protected]

  • When: Mon Jun. 11 - 6:30 pm
    Wed Aug. 15 9:00 pm

  • Address: 1877 Broadway
    Boulder CO,US 80302

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