The Boulder History Museum

If you’re looking for an engaging, educational or explorative experience, look no further than the Boulder History Museum, where you can connect with the past, gain context for the present and develop a vision of the future for the Boulder area. 

The museum displays a large collection of artifacts, rotating its displays two to three times a year, and right now you can learn the exciting history of Chief Niwot, a man who struggled to find peace during the most fateful years in Southern Arapaho history.  The exhibit reveals his life and legacy along with that of the Arapahos’ in Boulder history.

The museum’s exhibit is part of a community wide program exploring Niwot’s life and legacy in in an effort to educate residents about the history and tragedy of his life, as well as to generate ideas and tools to create a more responsible, peaceful and inclusive community for the future.

The Boulder History Museum has committed to providing the historical substance for this community-wide collaborative effort, and from May through November, you can see the exhibit for yourself.

For more information on the Boulder History Museum and the Chief Niwot exhibit, visit their website at  You can also call (303) 449-3464 or stop by the museum at 1206 Euclid Avenue in Boulder.

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