Unique Boulder Art from Electric Quill Tattoo

Electric Quill Tattoo

Electric Quill Tattoo, a Boulder tattoo shop, will give you the highest quality, uniquely designed tattoo you’ve always dreamed of.

Electric Quill Tattoo is vegan-friendly!  They use Waverly, Eternal and Fusion inks which are conveniently organic!  Electric Quill Tattoo also happily uses Dr. Bronner’s All Natural Soap.  Feel free to ask their friendly staff about any of their products.  All of the tattoo artists at Electric Quill Tattoo attend conventions so they are constantly progressing in their skills and techniques.

Electric Quill Tattoo came to life in October 2010 and has proudly been serving Boulder, Colorado residents and visitors.  They take pride in their custom tattoos and are committed to giving you exactly what you desire with the highest quality products. 

Electric Quill Tattoo is very serious about providing you with a first-rate design “that will stand the test of time”.  Honest, unique and hard-working, these outstanding artists pay attention to every detail.  Electric Quill Tattoo is extremely enthusiastic about their art.  From realistic illustrations to portraiture, Electric Quill Tattoo has an impressive team of highly qualified artists with amazing and creative portfolios.

Feel free to book an appointment online and see what this phenomenal shop can do for you!
For experienced, creative Boulder tattoos you won’t find anywhere else, visit http://electricquilltattoo.com/ !

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