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The city of Boulder recently started the construction on a new underpass at Broadway and Euclid Avenue. Creating the new pedestrian walkway is expected to take about nine months. The $7.4-million pr...Read More
This is the time of year when people turn their attention to shopping for the holidays. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become big cash calling cards for major national retailers. Now, smaller...Read More
Due to an uncertain economy and the overall state of the world today, many people are getting into gold investing, but not everyone has a great experience when it comes to their investment strategi...Read More
Boulder hotels are doing better than they have in awhile, according to a recent report released by the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau. In fact, the figures are the highest the area has seen in...Read More
With every holiday season locals look forward to seeing the brightly lit star on the side of Flagstaff Mountain. The lights remain and important local tradition that help bring light during the dar...Read More
If you are looking for a special place to find unique holiday gifts, the Boulder County Farmers’ Market is hosting a special winter market and gift show on Dec. 3 and 4. The hours are from 9 am to 3...Read More
Boulder is unquestionably a desirable place to be – that’s why people flock to live here and create businesses here. Yet, one recent study suggests that Boulder businesses may be running out of sp...Read More
Music is all around us. People have music for nearly every occasion. We have music we listen to when we are sad, we have music we listen to when we want to relax, and even music when we want to cel...Read More
National retailer Old Navy is selling a University of Colorado shirt, but the company has the wrong founding date on the shirts. Dear old CU is actually over 135 years old, but the Old Navy shirts cla...Read More
It appears that there is more shopping going in Boulder, and people are spending their money here. The latest figures from the city of Boulder show that retail sales tax collections are up 5.4 percent...Read More
Well, it’s certainly not the kind of award that will have the regents of the University of Colorado boasting, but the school was recently named America’s “druggiest” school by the Daily Beast ...Read More
It's no secret that there's tons of great local art in the Boulder area. it's hard not to be inspired by the beautiful backdrop of the Flatirons. But now it seems that Boulder locals aren't the only o...Read More
Every year on April 20 there is a large gathering on the University of Colorado at Boulder’s campus that is an unsanctioned marijuana smoke-out. The event is one that CU leaders say they are trying ...Read More
Patrons of the many great local breweries and distilleries in Boulder can now enjoy a meal while they partake in a locally created beverage. The new rules were recently approved by the Boulder City Co...Read More
Alfalfa’s Market hired a local artist to create a massive sculpture of a rooster that weighs 5,000 pounds and is 8 feet tall. The sculpture is massive and made of metal. The new rooster sits outside...Read More

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