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University of Colorado faculty have long had access to a software program that can help spot plagiarism, and now it will offer evaluation of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. The software –...Read More
Longmont’s ban of medical marijuana dispensaries was recently upheld by a Boulder County district judge – forcing the closure of the city’s medical marijuana businesses. Longmont is just north o...Read More
As Boulder County is working to create a management plan for 18,000 acres of open space, many locals are rallying against the part of the plan that could allow genetically modified plants to be allowe...Read More
One of the wonderful annual delights in and around Boulder is the majestic display Colorado’s trees put on this time of year with the fall colors in the trees. One of the most beautiful is the aspen...Read More
Some planned hiking and horse trails on Aneomone Hill are on the drawing boards with Boulder open space officials suggesting the new move. Officials with the Open Space Department also have sugges...Read More
There was a bill passed recently that allows the ski resorts to now make room for summer fun, like a golf course. However, the Eldora Mountain Resort is not going to make theirs anything more than the...Read More
Those who rely on the RTD mass transit system are soon to be out in the cold. Beginning in January several routes will be cut or have services greatly reduced. Route 203 and Call-n-Ride have been comp...Read More
The City of Boulder recently signed a deal to continue its relationship with Boulder Creek Events until 2014 and allow the company to host the traditional Boulder Creek Festival that takes place each ...Read More
Like others across the Boulder-Denver area, many Boulder residents went without power in the wake of a recent snowstorm. The power outages left some in Boulder without power for many long hours. The a...Read More
Ted Turner has offered to donate a herd of 20 bison that would roam on a parcel of Boulder open space. Turner, founder of CNN, envisions the herd of buffalo roaming the open space allowing people driv...Read More
On the heels of the nationwide movement, Occupy Boulder is considering holding daily rallies in downtown Boulder. The group wants to keep up the momentum in the city. The group is asking people to ral...Read More
No matter what medical needs you may have, you know how vital it is to have the best medical supplies that money can buy. Such health supplies as bandages, urinary incontinence products, medication...Read More
Your diabetes must be managed correctly, and you may have learned that the hard way. One of the most important tools you have for maintaining your good health is your blood glucose meter, and that ...Read More
How do we heal? It is a very complex set of events that helps the human body to heal from an injury of any kind. It requires healthy blood cells, good circulation, and a healthy nervous system to en...Read More
There are a lot of different symptoms involved with autism.  Nevertheless, there are also a lot of children who are affected by this behavioral and social mal adaptation disorder.  These childre...Read More

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