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A war is dividing the residents of Boulder. The cause for this war is mountain bikes, or rather where residents are allowed to ride them. Those who own mountain bikes think that they should be allowed...Read More
Since the ending of NASA's space shuttle program, the world of science has ushered in an age of optimistic uncertainty. This week the Aerospace Engineer students at the Boulder campus of the Universit...Read More
The University of Colorado at Boulder is a major consumer of energy given its size and scale. In fact, the university pays more than $20 million dollars toward the cost of energy on an annual basis. N...Read More
If you are on the campus of the University of Colorado and smell an unusual odor, don’t worry. It’s probably just the chicken poop. CU officials announced earlier this year the university planned ...Read More
The Colorado Shakespeare Festival is a popular tradition in Boulder. However, the festival fell into financial troubles in 2007 to 2009 when it was about $950,000 in the red. The money troubles forced...Read More
People have been using massage oils for therapeutic treatments and for general relaxation for many years. A search of the medical news items on the web or in the paper will often point to the many ...Read More
Plans for a $20-million project to create 39 apartments that will house University of Colorado Fraternity members got  approval from the Boulder Planning Board in a recent hearing. Officials with the...Read More
Boulder residents voted to approve two measures that allow the city to break away from Xcel Energy and create a Boulder municipal utility. Both measures passed – albeit narrowly. The whole process ...Read More
The Boulder City Council voted 6 to 3 to extend laws that let the Boulder Police give a ticket to people who violate the anti-nudity laws without forcing the offenders to have to register as a sex off...Read More
Green isn’t just a trendy thing these days. Sustainable practices have become more the norm and more businesses are demanding this knowledge base from their employees. The University of Colorado’s...Read More
Although the University of Colorado at Boulder instituted a plan to lock down tuition rates several years ago for students from outside of Colorado, plans to do the same for in-state students appear t...Read More
The Boulder Emergency Family Assistance Association is seeing the need for help grow locally. The non-profit group has recently hit a record high of the number of families seeking help. The group brok...Read More
Colorado is known for its amazing ski slopes, and now the 2011-2012 ski season is upon us! Eldora Mountain Resort is set to open Friday, November 18. Eldora Mountain Resort is located within Boulder C...Read More
Boulder area officials are seeing more and more people needing help with having enough to eat. Officials have reported an increased number of people seeking assistance from both food banks and from fi...Read More
The Internet giant Google has plans to grow its presence in Boulder. The Internet company is taking over the old Circuit City building, which it has had a part of since the earlier part of 2011. Goo...Read More

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