$170M Worth of Projects Set for Boulder

Boulder officials have their eyes on 161 projects in the city that could end up totaling $170 million. All of this public improvement work could take about six years to complete.

The plans are still in the proposal stage. The insight on it will be discussed by the City Council on Tuesday night as part of the drafted Capital Improvement Program budget.

Along with the proposed $170 million, voters will be looking at approving or denying plans for $49 million in bonds to pay for even more public improvement projects. The plans currently being evaluated by the city in the six-year outlook are routine upgrades on city property and infrastructure.

This fall, City Council will be asked to vote on funding for 2012 projects. These total 76 projects that amount to $23.8 million. The rest of the projects will be paid for each year as the budget allows.

Projects in 2012 that are proposed including fixing roads, creating more parks, fixing water lines and major maintenance to parking garages in Downtown Boulder. One of the biggest projects in this would be finishing off improvements to a 2.5-mile span of road on 28th Street that goes from Baseline Road to Iris Avenue. The cost of that overall phased project is close to $23 million.

The overall plans also include buying more open space, irrigation replacement on Flatirons Golf Course, improvements to Pearl Street Mall and Downtown Boulder and developing Mesa Memorial Park – among others public improvement projects.

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