Be Green Resolution: Use Mobile Coupons

Being a savvy shopper doesn’t mean having to clip coupon after coupon which, let’s face it, isn’t the most environmentally friendly way to save money, and it's a pain.

Introducing Mobile Coupons
Thankfully, many merchants are now offering mobile coupons, which allow you to save money in the same way as traditional coupons without the hassle of clipping and saving those small scraps of paper. Furthermore, using mobile coupons means never forgetting or losing the desired coupon as long as your cell phone is present.

These high tech easy-to-use coupons are also environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional and printable coupons, mobile coupons require no paper or ink, which means no trees were harmed in the making of this innovative green technology.  

In today’s tough economy, shoppers are now more than ever trying to slash their budget without giving up the name brand products they have come to love and trust. This is when many consumers turn to coupons to help cut their costs.

Coupons: Then and Now
Coupons can be traced back to 1887 when an Atlanta pharmacist created a popular soft drink syrup and handed out free drink cards to encourage people to try this now well-known beverage at his pharmacy. Since then, the demand for coupons has continued to hold steady.

As of late, coupons have seen a rise in popularity, which can be attributed to hard economic circumstances and the trend of extreme couponing where consumers strategically use coupons and sales to pay little to nothing on their grocery bill. Couponing has finally caught up with the world of technology and more and more businesses are using mobile coupons to entice consumers while cutting costs.

How to Get Them
Mobile coupons are delivered directly to your mobile phone via SMS, MMS, WAP Push or other digital means. These coupons can then be redeemed online or at the brick and mortar store.

Several apps are available for smartphones that allow you to regularly download mobile coupons. The coupons contain the same barcodes that traditional paper coupons have which the cashier scans directly from the cell phone or enters the code into the register.

Recently, department store giant Target began implementing mobile coupons, which they send directly to the desired cell phone once the free registration process has been completed.

Finding mobile coupons is a relatively easy process and many stores -- like Target -- provide regularly updated digital coupons for their consumers. Social networking sites, free smartphone applications and a slew of websites offer mobile coupons for consumers looking to tighten their belt or those just after a good deal.

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