Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Speaks to Optimistic Crowd at Space Vision 2011 Conference

Since the ending of NASA's space shuttle program, the world of science has ushered in an age of optimistic uncertainty.

This week the Aerospace Engineer students at the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado helped embrace this age of optimism by hosting the electrifying conference titled "Space Vision 2011."

Beginning on October 27th, lasting through the 30th, this conference, as part of the annual Students for the Exploration and Development of Space featured many foundations that are involved in the field of space exploration, along with several guest speakers.

Bill Nye, who is known for his television show for children called "Bill Nye The Science Guy" was the most popular and anticipated speaker among all of the guests. Nye, conducted a panel and spoke to people about the what the future holds in the field of aerospace. His panel was open to the public who had purchased tickets for $10 off of the website Over 300 students from around the world attended the Space Vision conference. Organizers of the conference described the mood as "upbeat" and "positive" as engineers look ahead to what's in store to discover in the field of space exploration.

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