Boost Sales with CTI

The best way for call centers to increase client satisfaction and sales is with a powerful customer integration management solution. Nothing does this better than combing telephone technology with the power of the computer. This technology is called Computer Telephony Integration, or CTI. When your call center embraces the marriage of the telephone and computer your client satisfaction, agent productivity, and sales soar.

Most companies are on tight budgets, and are required to do more work with fewer resources. It almost seems like this is impossible to accomplish. However, call centers do it every day with the CTI technology. Everything starts with the IVR. When the caller inputs her commands this starts the process.

Based on the inputs the caller gives the IVR the call is sent to the rep who can solve her problem, on the very first attempt. This is called intelligent call routing, and is a technology that your call center cannot afford to live without. Intelligent call routing reduces on hold time and allows clients to get their problems solved faster, because they are sent to the agent who can solver her problem.

While intelligent call routing is a very powerful tool, add screen pops to your arsenal and it is like having intelligent call routing on steroids. As the call is being sent to the receiving rep a screen pops up on his screen which displays full account information of the caller. This saves even more time for the client, and the agent can solve more problems and generate more sales. Screen pops are proven to increase sales.

Most call centers have inbound and outbound sales forces. If your outbound staff is still punching phone numbers into the telephone, you are losing sales and your agents are not productive. Click to call is the solution to this problem.

This is another easy to use yet robust CTI technology. The rep simply clicks the phone number of the computer monitor and the phone call is started. This eliminates dialing wrong numbers, and your reps make more phone calls which mean more sales are generated. Over the course of a week, a month, and even a year your reps will make more sales than you thought possible.

Finally, when call centers embrace the union of the telephone and the computer your agents solve more client problems, and sales increase. In addition, customer satisfaction numbers increase. If you have not yet integrated CTI into your client center, you are losing sales. CTI is the way to boost revenues.

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