Boulder Businesses Running Out of Room

Boulder is unquestionably a desirable place to be – that’s why people flock to live here and create businesses here. Yet, one recent study suggests that Boulder businesses may be running out of space to continue growing here. That lack of room to grow could push them to create, grow and prosper elsewhere.

These latest findings are part of a city report entitled Economic Vitality Program. This report will be presented to the Boulder City Council.

The city of Boulder has an interest in keeping companies based in the city, but officials admit there needs to be an improvement in local options for real estate in both the commercial and industrial sectors to help the business sector. It’s not uncommon for small start-ups to grow in Boulder very quickly – by not only doubling but also tripling and otherwise expanding in a rapid-fire pace. But that also means these companies need options to house their employees.

Some Boulder officials would like to see this become a priority for the city of Boulder by 2012.

The main way to fix this problem is to redevelop the current base of commercial and industrial zoned land, according to the report.

Officials also are proposing a study to take place in 2012 on the issue.


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