Boulder Charities Need Help

The end of the year is an especially important time for local charities in the Boulder area. This time of year is known to either help them make the year or not meet their goals.

The end of the year traditionally sees a high level of donations. These donors are trying to meet the deadlines to for federal tax deductions. They are trying to beat the clock until New Year’s Eve. Not only that, but the holiday spirit leaves people in a giving mood. Nonprofits are the ones that tend to benefit - along with foundations and thrift stores.

For example, the Community Foundation in Boulder saw its windfall of donors in the last quarter. About ⅔ of the total amount donated came in the last quarter of the year.

That really makes now crunch time. Many nonprofits, including those in Boulder, are making appeals to their donors in the hopes of a gift.

The University of Colorado also reports that it sees a jump in the number of donations in December. The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless said about 30% of its donations also come into the the nonprofit group in the last month of the year.

Thrift stores also see a bumper crop of donations this time of year. Some of that may be related to the fact that people are trying to clean out after the holidays.


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