Boulder City Council Reviews Park Proposal Jan. 3

The city of Boulder city manager recently made a proposal suggesting that city parks and open space be closed after dark to people camping and loitering.

The proposal would still allow people walking or riding their bike through the parks or open space to continue to do so legally after dark.

The Boulder City Council plans to hear the proposal on Jan. 3 in an open public meeting. The proposal suggests closing the parks and open space from 11 pm to 5 am. The idea is to help maintain safety and health risks related to people camping in the city parks and city open space.

The move comes after Occupy Boulder protesters have been camping out. City officials say this is not against the protesters but rather to promote safety and health of all. The protesters are now near the Municipal Building at 1777 Broadway.

The public hearing will allow people to speak, and public meeting rules say there’s an unlimited number.

Occupy Boulder protesters see this as a win in their favor. This open hearing means people will be allowed to publicly voice their feelings on this issue.


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