Boulder Hotels See More Business

Boulder hotels are doing better than they have in awhile, according to a recent report released by the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau.

In fact, the figures are the highest the area has seen in 10 years. The same holds true for hotels along the Boulder Turnpike.

Boulder hotels are averaging a 71 percent occupancy rate during the first nine months of 2011. That’s about 3.3 percent higher than last year’s occupancy rate.

The new figures are signaling a lifting of the gloom the tourism industry has felt. In fact, the figures are good enough to have some feeling like this means the tourism industry has made a comeback. The recessionary lags did impact it.

Officials say the increased rates also are likely impacted by more business travel.

Additionally, Denver International Airport’s traffic has picked up. In August, more than 5 million people went through DIA. That made it the busiest August to date. Overall, traffic was up from January to August at DIA when compared to last year, as well.

Not only are more people traveling here, but they are paying more, as well. The average room rate on the Boulder Turnpike was $107.04, while the average rate in Boulder was $121.60.





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