Boulder Landlords Upgrade

The city of Boulder has new rules about energy efficiency. These new rules prompted Boulder landlords to spend over $1 million to make upgrades to comply with the new rules.

Boulder wanted to inspect 1,000 rentals in the city and certify 500 units in 2010 under the rules called SmartRegs. The SmartRegs require all rental properties to meet standards for energy efficiency by 2019.

By November of 2010, the city inspected over 1,200 rental units. Of those inspections, nearly 890 have been given the SmartRegs stamp of approval by the city of Boulder inspectors.

In total, property owners spent over a million dollars to do so. Roughly $730,000 was out of pocket for the property owners. Not only are the upgrades good for the use of energy, but landlords can also get rebates and incentives to make upgrades through Xcel Energy.

Some of these upgrades include energy efficient lights, low-flow showers, self-closing faucet valves and insulation around pipes and more.

Landlords will continue to make changes toward energy efficiency.

The city of Boulder says its has new goals for itself, too. In 2012, the city plans to inspect at least 4,000 rental units. It wants to see at least 2,000 unites certified under the SmartRegs system.

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