Boulder May Close City Parks, Open Space After Dark

The city of Boulder is considering a new rule that would close down city parks and city open space after dark. City officials say the proposed rules are aimed at trying to curb safety risks and potential health troubles stemming from encampments.

If approved, parks and open space would be closed daily from 11 pm to 5 am. Some argue the city is asking for the new rule to target the Occupy Boulder movement, but officials say that’s not the reason for the proposed rule change.

Boulder officials say they are concerned for the health and safety risks for the encampments, however. The other, more pressing concern, is to help curb illegal activities taking place in the parks and open space areas when the light is dim outside and there are few people around.

The rule would not stop people from being able to ride their bike or walk through parks owned by the city at night, however.

The proposal is subject to a 15-day public comment period.

City officials say they don’t want to arrest or have confrontations with Occupy Boulder protesters. Rather, they hope the tents will come down by the individuals who put them up without any confrontations.

Occupy Boulder leaders worry the rule would stop the movement.

Written comments are being accepted until Jan. 2 at Parks Closure Rule, City of Boulder, Box 791, Boulder, CO 80306, or [email protected]

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