Boulder Medical Marijuana Regs Get Tougher

Boulder’s medical marijuana rules are known as some of the toughest around Colorado. A recent move by the Boulder City Council could make them even tougher.

The new rules prohibit any advertisements by medical marijuana businesses that discuss recreational uses of it. Some examples brought up included some medical marijuana shops have had print ads or hired people to hold signs outside promoting two for one sales.

City Council approved the first reading unanimously. The council set a series of revisions to city code for a Sept. 20 second hearing in public.

Colorado law states that the advertisement of medical marijuana cannot be directed at minors. But Boulder’s rules would mean businesses couldn’t allude to anything but medical usage. If approved, the decision making on it would be left up to the city of Boulder’s licensing clerk. The punishment for violating the standard, if it’s approved, would be that the companies would be held accountable for the infraction when their business license is renewed. Additionally, businesses would need to shut down right away if the reapproval on their license is denied. That ruling would be considered final, unless the medical marijuana businesses decide to take the city to court at the state level.

At this time, shops are allowed to stay open if their appeal is being evaluated.

Medical marijuana advocates do not like the fact that this move would remove the administrative appeals process for retail shops and growers that are denied a license in the city of Boulder. They say this change is fundamentally unfair.



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