Boulder Mulls Composting Dog Doo

Boulder collects 108,000 pounds of waste – about 85% of it is dog poop – from its open space and mountain parks each year. That’s a lot of dog crap. In fact, that’s so much dog doo that the city is thinking about composting it rather than trucking it to landfills.

Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board plans to soon discuss the idea of putting in a composting collector at the Valmont Dog Park to collect the waste. The dog park is at 5275 Valmont Road.

If the trial takes off at Valmont Dog Park, it could spread to other parks in Boulder. Dog waste often can have diseases and parasites that are harmful to humans, but there are now some special composting devices that not only meet health codes, they allow the dog poop to be used a mulch.

The main way they work is to heat up the material to such a high level that it kills off the nasties, such as roundworm eggs.

One thing that could be a challenge if the dog poop composting is allowed it to ensure that dog owners only deposit biodegradable bags in them when they use the plastic bags to pick up the poo. Regular plastic bags from newspapers and stores don’t break down and cause troubles with these kinds of composting systems.


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