Boulder Proposes Only Closing Parks at Night

City officials have been proposing to close the city of Boulder’s parks and open space at night. Now, the city manager says the proposal is only to close the parks at night.

The proposed rule would still allow people to walk through or ride their bike through the parks, but it would forbid overnight camping and loitering. At issue is the human waste, safety and possible power hazards taking place in the camp of Occupy Boulder.

Occupy Boulder says the proposal isn’t fair. They say they have a right to assemble.

City of Boulder officials say they don’t want to hamper anybody’s rights, but they are concerned about safety, health and welfare as they relate to overnight camps in the city’s property.

The Boulder City Council will hear this issue in early January in a public hearing.

Occupy Boulder originally was camping out at 1300 Pearl Street. The Occupy camp has since moved to near the Boulder Municipal Building.

Boulder Police have issued a number of citations for the encampments.

Some say this has gone on too long and is now creating a burden for the city and taxpayers. Occupy protesters say they have a right to protest and stay in encampments.

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