Boulder Public Nudity Ban Approved

The Boulder City Council voted 6 to 3 to extend laws that let the Boulder Police give a ticket to people who violate the anti-nudity laws without forcing the offenders to have to register as a sex offender.

Essentially the new rule makes it against the law for anybody over 10 years of age to show their genitals in public or to show them if they are on private property where it would be obvious to passersby. The new rule doesn’t outlaw women from being topless in public in Boulder, however.

The new codes are aimed at helping the police deal with local issues like the annual Naked Pumpkin Run, World Naked Bike Ride and streaking.

Colorado lawmakers are considering a similar bill, but Boulder didn’t want to wait for the state to make rules. Some Boulder officials say their new law would essentially do the same thing the state rule would do. Other say the new state law is too strict and would force people ticketed more than once to register as a sexual offender.


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