Boulder Retail Sales Up

It appears that there is more shopping going in Boulder, and people are spending their money here. The latest figures from the city of Boulder show that retail sales tax collections are up 5.4 percent for January to September of this year.

That encouraging increase over last year’s sales tax revenue has some officials optimistic that Boulder estimates on retail sales tax collections could beat initial expectations.

There’s still about a month left for holiday shopping, and the entire month of December generally accounts for roughly 12 percent of the sales taxes collected by the city that feed Boulder coffers. In total, Boulder revenue stemming from sales taxes show a 1.6 percent increase over projections that were recently adjusted amounting to 3.8 percent.

All signs point to positives that Boulder could end the year on a high note in this arena. Sales have increased 26.4 percent at clothing stores, general retail stores were up 6.4 percent and retailers catering to home furnishings were up 8 percent.

These latest figures are positives not just good news for national retailers, but locally owned stores also are hoping the season pans out to be a good one.


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