Boulder Sees More Snow This Year

It’s hard to believe that Boulder already has seen more snow this year than it did all of last year. That makes this year’s snow fall well above average.

Some worried that this year’s La Nina could hamper the snow fall, but that hasn’t been the case. To the disappointment of some ski fans, however, the metro areas of Boulder and Denver are seeing more snow than the ski areas of the High Country have.

Boulder already has seen almost 54 inches of snow. A whopping 33 inches were in December alone. A typical year is 34 inches in December and almost 89 inches in the whole winter in Boulder.

Last year was a dry year with only 11.5 inches at this time last year in Boulder. But the ski areas had seen more last year.

Ski officials say they aren’t yet worried. There’s still time for snow to come to the high country. For now, the snow in the metro areas can mean snow fun in backyards and sledding nearby.

Traditionally, the heaviest snows hit the mountains in January and February.



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