Boulder Snowy Sidewalks Spark Ire

When the snow falls, homeowners often dread cleaning the sidewalks and shoveling their driveway.

Boulder authorities are taking a different approach. They are giving people a warning if the sidewalks aren’t cleaned. If the problem remains 24 hours later, the city is having a contractor clean the mess. Then the city is billing the homeowner for the snow removal.

Boulder law states that the walks have to be cleaned of the snow and ice within 24 hours after the storm ends.

Previously, the city handed out citations for the lack of clean up within a timely manner. Officials consider this to be a more effective way of keeping the walks clear and safe.

Officials report the new approach seems to be working well. The city has issued over 200 warnings and less than a dozen have been billed for the clean up.

The cost to clean up the sidewalk varies. The average cost for a corner house is about $200. The warnings and people who were billed for work stems from a combination of complaints from neighbors and officials who are out looking for those going against the law.

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