Boulder Votes to Allow Food in Breweries

Patrons of the many great local breweries and distilleries in Boulder can now enjoy a meal while they partake in a locally created beverage.

The new rules were recently approved by the Boulder City Council, and they essentially allow the businesses to add on restaurants. They are now going to be allowed to run the restaurants from 5 pm to 11 pm.

The change is aimed at helping patrons of these establishments drink responsibly by consuming food at the same time.

Before the change some businesses worked around the code that didn’t allow on-site restaurants by bringing food in by way of caterers or food truck deliveries. Others had approvals to do this when they went to the city and got approval by a site review process - including Twisted Pine and Boulder Beer.

This could help Boulder tourism. Visiting the breweries, wineries and distilleries is a popular way that many enjoy the Boulder Valley. There are just under 20 of these businesses in Boulder.


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