Career Options with a Master in Criminology

While the experience of earning an advanced degree in any course of study is a celebratory accomplishment in and of itself that will add to your confidence, credibility, and well-roundedness as an individual, being awarded a masters in criminology can lead to a rewarding career and a fulfilling life - all while helping to make the world a better, safer place.

Career options with a Master of Science in Criminology abound; three of them are included here:

A Gaming Investigator

With so many new casinos opening up outside of Nevada and across the United States, there has never been a more opportune or essential time in history to secure an integral role in the gaming world. A Gaming Investigator serves in a leadership role as a security agent for both the casino’s management team and the culturally-and demographically-diverse patrons of the casino.  Investigators prudently observe all casino and casino hotel operations to identify any semblance of internal (staff) or external (customers) theft or cheating. Use of one-way mirrors and 21st century high-tech audio and visual equipment is the norm. A career as a Gaming Investigator demands patience, an ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, corporate, and customers, and exceptional problem-solving skills.

A Forensic Investigator550

These days, it’s virtually impossible to surf the plethora of TV channels available and not come across at least one TV drama, news show, or reality program without the role of a Forensic Investigator somewhere in the storyline. Forensic Investigators must be ready, willing, and able to process major crimes at any time of the day or night – in blizzards, heat waves, or terrestrial rains. Of course, if you are intrigued and passionate about being able to apply scientific expertise in crime scene evidence identification and processing, the weather or time of day won’t matter to you. Your ultimate goal, while working with other professionals in the field, is to provide thorough, accurate, and properly-obtained, untainted evidence to assist in the successful arrest and prosecution of the accused. This role requires an astute attention to detail, exceptional record keeping skills, and an ability to see the big picture while processing the trace evidence in the minutiae.

Criminology Instructor

Many grad students who earn a Master’s degree in Criminology go on immediately to work as an Instructor at a local community college – sharing their advanced knowledge and expertise in the field with undergrads pursuing Criminology coursework for their degrees or are simply interested in the field. Others who have obtained a Master’s, choose to work out in the field for a number of years first, and then teach and share their knowledge and experience in the formal academic setting. A third option as an Instructor at a local community college is to both work in the field and teach part-time. Obviously, the more real-world experience you have, the better the Instructor you will be. The acumen and scenarios you share with students of criminology will come from empirical knowledge vs. theory. 

Of course, a Master of Science in Criminology can open doors to countless career options beyond the three aforementioned. Other career paths include: Lecturer, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur in the field, Loss Prevention Specialist, Victim Services Specialist, Forensic Psychologist, FBI Agent, Sheriff, and Fiction Crime Writer (for all those new TV shows and crime-solving-based movies!)


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