Carriage House Community Table Is Now Bridge House

The Carriage House Community Table has officially changed its name to Bridge House. Located in an alley behind the First Congregational Church at 1120 1/2 Pine Street, this day shelter has offered meals, coffee and employment assistance to Boulder's homeless population since opening seven years ago.

The name Bridge House represents the organizations mission statement serving as a bridge for the Boulder homeless community and with the hope of being able to relocate out of the small carriage house that it is currently in.

Bridge House is actively searching for a new property in order to consolidate the administrative offices and offer more services for the homeless.

One new service that will be launched next month is the Ready To Work program. Clients will be screened and after meeting eligibility requirements will be working for the city on specific projects. 

Workers will receive $8 an hour for entry-level jobs with all the wages paid for from private donations for the first six months. 

The search for a new property has been met with much opposition from residents within the community. Many residents have organized together to stop Bridge House from relocating into the neighborhood.



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