Check out Olive Oil Tasting at Alfalfas

Coffee, tea, chocolate and now olive oil? Yes, olive oil tasting is a new way to get a sense of the deepness, richness and varied flavors this product can offer.

There are so many varieties and types that complement different foods. But some varieties can be very expensive, so Alfalfa’s grocery store is now offering an olive oil tasting class to allow people to delight in this new richness. Although olive oil is simple, it doesn’t always come cheap.

Alfalfa’s Market now has a bulk olive oil section with many high-end oils and vinegars. You can buy them by the ounce rather than spending $30 or $45 on a bottle. It allows customers to sample a variety, discover new tastes and use them without breaking the bank. Alfalfa’s allows shoppers to bring their own reusable containers or you may purchase reusable ones there for $1-$2.

Coming on July 16, the store’s Neil Blomquist (who used to head Spectum oils) will lead a class in tasting. It will cover various flavor profiles and teach people techniques for tasting. The class will discuss origins and how oils are processed. Like wine and other foods, there are specific words used to describe how olive oils taste. The can include grassy, buttery and peppery. The class will cover this as well.

Additionally, Alfalfa’s has staff on all times in the bulk foods section who will allow customers to sample the oils before they purchase them.

Alfalfa’s Market Olive Oil Tasting Class 

If you go

What: Olio Nuovo (New Oil) Artisan Olive Oil Class and Tasting

When: July 15 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: Alfalfa's Market, 1651 Broadway, Boulder

Cost: Free


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