Choosing the Best Massage Oils for a Massage

If you are thinking about a massage then don’t forget the oils!  How does one go about choosing the “best” massage oils for a massage?  First, understand that massage oil is made from oil—not a water based solution-and you will notice the difference immediately.  Water tends to evaporate quickly, whereas oil based solutions tend to seal moisture in the skin.  Ideally, dry skin is best served with heavy oil solutions, and oily skin is best served with less oily materials and more water based solution.

When it comes to massage, oils are usually administered to clients so that the skin becomes softer, so as to reduce the friction.  Some massages have unique treatments and thus benefit from more or less oil.  Some clients will require special types of oils based on their skin type.  Dry skin, hairy skin, or allergies call for special topical solutions before the massage begins. 

You also have to take into account aroma preferences, both your own (as the therapist) and the wishes of the client.  You may even learn a few things by trial and error; such as the simple fact that some oils that are greasier than others or that some have unpleasant smells.  Some oils may also be irritating to a client’s skin. 

What are some of the most popular massage oils today?  Some of these include almond oil, apricot kernel, Jojoba, fractionated coconut, sunflower, cocoa butter, shea and even unusual oils such as avocado and olive oil. 

Remember that in addition to preparing the skin for massage, and perhaps even having various healing properties, some believe that massage oils are also beneficial due to their aromas.  Aromatherapy has been studied as a means to relax a person, de-stress and add various other therapeutic benefits. 

Massage oils are one of the most important items you need when preparing a new massage therapy business.  While not every massage requires lotion, it is strongly recommended as a means to satisfy clients and prepare the body.  Of course, if extra health benefits come along because of your selection of quality oils, that’s great too!

You can find out more about massage and pain treatment from a medical info website.  You can also visit an online store that carries massage supplies and start browsing.  Online stores offer low prices, seasonal discounts and discreet shipping to your front door or office.  What are you waiting for?  There are stressed clients right now that need a helping “hand.”


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