City Council Oks New Marijuana Regs

Boulder City Council recently passed a new ordinance that specifies how medical marijuana businesses can advertise. The new rules specify that the ads can only be aimed at people who have a medical need for marijuana.

The measure, which passed 8 to 0, is aimed at medical marijuana dispensaries that some felt were targeting youth or recreational users. KC Becker first purposed the measure, but the councilwoman was absent for the vote.

Boulder is known for having some of the toughest medical marijuana rules in Colorado. This new regulation continues to stiffen the rules for those doing medical marijuana business in Boulder. This new rule was first purposed because some were worried about the way that some businesses were trying to lure customers. Some expressed dismay at print ads that advertised two for one deals.

Some compared these advertisements to the way the tobacco industry used cartoons, such as Joe Camel, to attract youth buyers.

Boulder’s licensing clerk will the one who will determine if the advertisement goes too far. However, instead of being fined and paying a fee, the businesses will have to face the issue when the come before the city to renew their license when the time comes.

Some residents said the new move isn’t enough to protect kids. Business owners contend the medical marijuana industry isn’t the one getting kids to try drugs. They blame friends and drug dealers.


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