CU Frat Apartments Gets Approval

Plans for a $20-million project to create 39 apartments that will house University of Colorado Fraternity members got  approval from the Boulder Planning Board in a recent hearing.

Officials with the Boulder Planning Board even praised the plans saying perhaps it could stand as a model for housing in Boulder for Greek organizations. Members also wondered how a fraternity house would mesh with a complex of apartments.

The fraternity apartments would be located at 955 Broadway and the nearby 1715 Aurora Avenue in Boulder. Plans call for razing a fraternity house that’s 50 years old. The plans also would raze a nearby building.

The project is one of developer Mike Boyers. The 955 Broadway house was formerly home to Boulder members of the Acacia fraternity. The Acacia members will be living in the apartments along with other CU students.

The plans call for 39 apartments set in two buildings that are each three stories. The apartment complex will have a special meeting area for the fraternity, as well as a basement that’s soundproof. The goal is for the soundproof area to be used for fraternity social functions without causing noise for the other student residents.

Most of the apartments will feature four bedrooms. There also will be apartments with one to three bedrooms, as well. Plans also call for underground parking and bike racks that can hold up to 100 bikes.


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