CU Named Druggiest School

Well, it’s certainly not the kind of award that will have the regents of the University of Colorado boasting, but the school was recently named America’s “druggiest” school by the Daily Beast and Newsweek.

The Daily Beast and Newsweek determined the ranking using the number of drug arrests on CU’s campus plus the amount of peer pressure that students face in terms of being pushed to use or try drugs. Overall, CU tops a total of 30 schools and got a C- when it comes to drug safety.

The news outlets reported 801 drug arrests on campus over a period of time and claimed that more than 27 percent of people 18-25 across the state use drugs on a regular basis.

In 2010, CU ranked fifth in the survey for the most druggy school. The news outlets got the grading from College Prowler.

Yet CU officials contend that the school accidently counted drug arrests with several charges as multiple drug arrests. The school says he actual figure was closer to 350 in 2010 and about 400 in 2011. CU officials say these kinds of awards aren’t funny and could discount the value of a degree from CU, which still has academics that rank highly – regardless of the award.

Officials say the increased number of drug arrests show of how CU is trying to step up enforcement. CU also blamed the many medical marijuana dispensaries in Boulder. The school has made more efforts to train housing officials and educate students on the dangers of using drugs and alcohol.


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