CU Puts Colorado Tuition Locks on Hold

Although the University of Colorado at Boulder instituted a plan to lock down tuition rates several years ago for students from outside of Colorado, plans to do the same for in-state students appear to be on hold.

CU has said the lock-down tuition rate plan for out-of-state students has helped give the school an advantage when it comes to recruiting students. However, the lack of a similar plan for students from Colorado has some students saying the school should be fair and offer a similar plan to them.

In-state tuition levels for CU are lower than those it charges to students from outside of Colorado. But it’s hard to say when such a change could take place.

The university recently canceled a meeting set for Boulder that would have discussed finances. Observers say officials likely would have discussed the fixed-rates at this meeting. CU officials say the plan to lock in rates for Colorado students is still in the works, but it’s now “on the back burner.”

Some feel these fixed rates for in-state students would help families better plan college expenses. Others say these kinds of programs can push colleges to inflate their prices at entry level, so that the schools can try to keep a future eye on their bottom line.

This year’s tuition for Colorado students in the College of Arts and Sciences is $7,672.


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