CU Students Focus On Sustainable Food

There’s a new dorm at the University of Colorado at Boulder that’s focused on being eco-conscious. Students living in Williams Village North are planning a community garden to grow herbs and vegetables that they can cook with to help create a more sustainable way of eating on campus.

This is part of two academic programs in the residence halls that some students are involved in. These students also have taken trips to the farmer’s market and are soon having a chili cookoff that will be created using locally grown foods.

The students also have met with an organic farmer and will soon also meet with local chefs. The idea of sustainable choices in menus is a theme for these CU students in Williams Village North. The programs are called “Sustainable by Design” and “Sustainable Justice.” The idea is to seamlessly mix daily life with learning to help take learning outside the classroom alone.

One challenge the students will need to face is how to ensure the garden survives over the summer while most students are gone from Boulder and not living in the residence halls.

The students also are looking into creating a compost system for their local area. CU’s dining halls also already do composting.



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