CU Tries to Curb 4/20 Event

Every year on April 20 there is a large gathering on the University of Colorado at Boulder’s campus that is an unsanctioned marijuana smoke-out. The event is one that CU leaders say they are trying to find solutions to.

School officials are trying to find ways to put an end to the annual campus event that is also a trouble for other schools. CU officials are looking at the ways other schools handle the 4/20 event. Officials say there’s lessons to be learned, but CU has some unique things about the unsanctioned event that takes place on campus.

Santa Cruz officials at the University of California have banned students living in residence halls from having guests the week of 4/20. This has helped keep some people away from campus who came to the event but didn’t go to school there. That school has seen about 7,000 people gather in a meadow to smoke marijuana. Other tactics here include closing campus roads, making zones to tow cars, and handing out tickets for cars that are too close to the event.

But CU has challenges. Some estimate that it’s the largest of any 4/20 gathering. They also say Boulder tends to be “pot friendly.” CU officials blame the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in town for some of the troubles. A recent ranking named CU one of the "druggiest" schools.

The event at CU has drawn upwards of 10,000 people in the past. Other schools have asked parents to be involved and taken other tactics.

CU student leaders recently passed a resolution seeking to move the 4/20 event off campus, however there’s no specific plan for putting an end to 4/20 on CU’s campus.


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