CU Worried about 4/20 Event in Boulder

University of Colorado at Boulder officials are grappling with ways to deal with the annual 4/20 event that takes place on campus without the university’s approval or consent.

The 4/20 is a massive pot smoking picnic. CU Boulder has gained a reputation for having the biggest event in the nation. The name 4/20 refers to the date it takes place on - April 20.

Student government representatives took a recent vote and said the 4/20 smoking event should be pushed off campus.

However, as much as CU wants to cut the ties with the 4/20 event, school officials are wary of pushing the problem into the city of Boulder’s turf and thereby creating troubles for the city.

The university and the city have created better relations in the last few years with partnerships and working together. The so-called town-gown relationship has been bettered, and many worry that this could hamper things and create strain.

The 4/20 event is unsanctioned and has gathered in the Norlin Quad. The headcount has hit 10,000 in year’s past - making it the largest for a college campus.

CU isn’t the only one with the 4/20 troubles, although its gathering is the largest. Other schools have struggled with ways to end it.

For example, the University of Michigan and the city of Ann Arbor have worked together to manage people tho attended their Hash Bash. That event has drawn about 1,600 people.


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