Dear Old CU Looks So Young

National retailer Old Navy is selling a University of Colorado shirt, but the company has the wrong founding date on the shirts.

Dear old CU is actually over 135 years old, but the Old Navy shirts claim it’s a mere 133 years young. Old Navy has long sold a variety of collegiate shirts and gear. This isn’t the first time T-shirt have raised eyebrows at a national retailer.

The CU shirt is women’s shirt that is one of several other schools.

The Old Navy T-shirt claims that CU was founded in 1878. However, CU was actually founded in 1876. Students first came to CU in 1877, according to CU records.

The line of T-shirts also includes the University of Arizona and the University of Iowa.

However, it appears that Old Navy T-shirt makers didn’t major in math at CU. CU’s two years was nothing. The U of A shirt’s dates are off by four years, and the Iowa shirt is off by a whopping 27 years.


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