Dorm at CU wins award for going green

Williams Village North Campus of the University of Colorado received an award for their efforts in the going green projects. The students are participating in water and energy saving projects to help with the living and learning program to eliminate the waste of our power sources and water conservation.

This 500-dorm residence has begun projects that will reduce energy and water by 40 percent. By installing water bottle stations, they have reduced the use of plastic and saved space in the landfills. These students take pride in turning off lights or unplugging outlets that are single use outlets. They monitor the electricity meters and record the information at the dorm.

The building and students are replacing their water supply sources with low flow water fixtures in the sinks and showers and in the toilets. This cuts down on excess water usage thus saving on the water for the whole city. Teaching this kind of water conservation now will help them all to become future water conservators in their own homes.

Finally, the dorm is working with native landscape and plants that require little to no watering, again conserving water. The students take pride in trying to save our economy and continue to seek other ways to go green.


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