Fighting For Access: Mountain Bikers Want More Access to Trails in Bould

A war is dividing the residents of Boulder. The cause for this war is mountain bikes, or rather where residents are allowed to ride them. Those who own mountain bikes think that they should be allowed to ride on pedestrian trails that cut through open space (wilderness area that the city controls access to). Of course, there are other residents who think that mountain bikes don't belong anywhere near the pedestrian trails in open space.

Members of the second group are most likely in good spirits after a recent decision by the Boulder City Council. This decision will keep mountain bikes off of a proposed trail that would be constructed just a little ways away from downtown Boulder. However, this does not mean that all is lost for those who want to ride a mountain bike through open space.

The decision that the city council handed down was literally as close as it could get. The vote was five to four. With the city counsel spit in such a way, it would not be a total surprise to see future decisions, like the expected decision next month in regards to a connector trail, favor those who want mountain bike access.


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