Finding A Trophy Company You Can Trust - What to Look For

Employers, businesses, schools, sports leagues and uncountable other types of organizations are on the lookout for a trophy/awards company that they can work with. What qualities are these organizations looking for when selecting a trophy Company they can trust? They are: 
        • Great variety of products 
        • High-quality 
        • Excellent shipping 
        • Competitive pricing 
        • Unequaled customer service

The best companies are small and family owned, whose employees can relate directly to stories of filling walls with acknowledgements of great moments and achievements in life. Whether it’s a business to business award, employer to employee, school or sports leagues trophies, there are so many ways to say, thank you.

Recognizing that the Internet provided a greater reach for a company, Edco Awards & Specialties founded the first well-known trophies and awards website in the 1990s – – now one of the Internet’s premier trophy and awards websites. They now do business across North America creating a very high bar for competitors.

Product Variety and Quality
Touring the web can be mind-boggling, even on a specialized subject. It seems that so many places offer retail, manufacturing and warehouse space, filled with trophies, plaques, promotional items, crystal awards, ad specialties and much more. The solution is not to just look for quality but buyers should be confident the products they select will be of unparalleled quality.

Products are best when they’re made on-site using durable materials such as crystal, metal, marble and durable plastic. Any company that offers pre-purchase proofs and a quick turnaround - shipping by FedEx, UPS or the Post Office - is one to keep in your bookmarks. Ask how quickly they can do it before you ask the impossible, though.

Pricing and Customer Service
A company with a large customer base is going to be able to offer the best pricing. Less expensive isn’t always better, but it is important. Finding the balance between price, quality and responsiveness is the way to go. On price, if the company is at least competitive, they’re worth consideration.

Whether you’re looking for a single Certificate of Merit for a fledgling athlete or hundreds of Christmas gifts for clients, each customer’s order should receive the same laser focus commitment to high-quality, proper shipping – don’t lose me - and competitive pricing. There should be no differentiation between online orders, telephone orders or in person orders.

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